Animation & Comic Strip Art                          c 2022 Rudy Agresta


Animation recreated in the computer for my students from an earlier animation I did on paper focusing on the animation principle of OVERLAPPING ACTION, meaning that when your character is moving through dimensional space, don't let the entire character get there all at once. There is a brief ANTICIPATION, another principle which is a slight movement in the opposite direction (here to the left) prior to the moving in the primary direction (to the right) with the first 2 keys.

This is the full piece of animation in pencil test format with background elements added.

The character Huckleberry Hound is copyright Hanna Barbera and used here for educational purposes.


Here is the character with the overlapping action slowed down with key drawings, minus some inbetweens and background for clarity. 


Here are still images demonstrating the principle of OVERLAPPING ACTION and ANTICIPATION.