Animation and Comic Strip Art

Home of ASTROBEAR (c 2022 Rudy Agresta)

Here you will find what lies behind the creative process for producing traditional 2D hand drawn animation as well as the production process for the upcoming comic strip, Astrobear.




Rudy Agresta has been a professional working animation artist since the mid 1980s. His passion for animation and love for drawing landed him freelance work in NYC where he did character/show concept design and animated on many TV commercials. He has done extensive work in the industry, having produced a variety of projects for a number of studios and private clients, doing story, design, and actual animation. His work is done in the 2D Traditional animation style. Whether drawing on paper and scanning those into a computer for refining and coloring, or drawing directly into the computer with a digital drawing tablet, the animation is done in the traditional style of hand drawn, frame by frame animation.

Rudy is also a fine artist working in a variety of mediums as well as an accomplished musician/composer, having composed original music for several animated projects.

Rudy is launching a new comic strip called ASTROBEAR (c 2022 Rudy Agresta). Samples of the strip and what goes into the comic strip making process are within the ASTROBEAR pages.

Rudy currently is a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Department of Visual & Performing Arts, Florham Campus, teaching traditional (hand-drawn) 2D animation studies at the undergraduate and  graduate student level.